Strengthening the patient voice on local healthcare issues in Camden: Establishing an online forum for Camden patients (November 2014)

Closed 1 Dec 2014

Opened 3 Nov 2014


The North Locality Alliance is a small network of patients in Camden. We want to develop an online interactive forum for all patients in Camden. The aim is to create a local patient and carer community which shares knowledge and has a voice on local healthcare issues. Many patients are unable to attend meetings, while others prefer to communicate online. The interactive forum provides a means of giving everyone in the community a voice. We want all patients and carers in Camden to have a choice over the local healthcare support they receive, and get involved in the decisions that will shape the future healthcare they receive.

The forum would be an independent initiative run by patients for patients in Camden. 

Why your views matter

We want to get your views on developing an interactive forum for patients and carers in Camden. This is your opportunity to tell us what type of discussion forums you would like, if you would use them, and whether you would like to be involved in developing the forum.

This information will be stored securely and will be kept confidential.


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