SITREP 2 - General Practice Survey, NCL CCG Survey (week commencing 27th Dec 2021)

Closed 30 Dec 2021

Opened 29 Dec 2021


Dear Practice Colleague,

Thank you for completing this situation report for your practice. Please focus on the current situation in your practice and respond by the end of Thursday, 30th December.

Please note there is a new question on the first page, regarding any concerns you may have about the increased transmissibility of Omicron.

At the end of the introduction section question 8 asks about any change in the practice situation since the last time you completed this survey.  By answering 'no', you are confirming that you have no new issues, or that any issues you previously reported remain unresolved.  Once you complete this page and click 'Continue', you will be directed to the end of the survey. If previously reported issues are now resolved, or you are experiencing new issues, please complete the survey in full.

Kindly ensure that you only submit a single response for your practice.

Your answers will be reviewed by your borough team on Friday. If any issues you are raising require a more urgent response, please contact your borough team directly. 

As always, please contact your borough primary care team with any queries.

Thank you

NCL Primary Care Team


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  • General NHS Staff


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