PCN-led covid vaccination sites cohorts 10-12

Closed 22 Mar 2021

Opened 17 Mar 2021


Dear PCN-led/ LVS covid vaccination site leads and practices

The updated Covid Vaccination Enhanced Service (11 March 2021) gives PCN-led sites the option to vaccinate cohorts 10-12, once these cohorts are announced and authorised by the JCVI.

You are asked to confirm your site’s preference for offering vaccinations to cohorts 10-12 by 23:59 on Friday 19 March via Citizen Space.

Practices wishing to deliver vaccinations to cohorts 10-12 are asked to confirm via Citizen Space that they can demonstrate:

  • They can fulfil the requirements of the 21/22 core primary medical services contract alongside the vaccination programme.
  • Additional capacity has been engaged to ensure that the current general practice workforce is not further overly stretched in delivering this addition to the programme;
  • And once first dose vaccinations of cohorts 1-9 are sufficiently complete and the PCN grouping can deliver second dose vaccinations for cohorts 1 to 9 in addition to vaccinations for cohorts 10 to 12 within the required timeframe, to maintain the integrity of the JCVI guidance.

As this requires proactive opting out by PCN sites, and given the Friday 19 deadline, where there is not yet consensus amongst your practices, the advice to sites is not to opt out at this stage, and realise you will need time to consider. Where sites have flagged concerns or questions relating to continued capacity to deliver first doses, we will work with you to resolve where possible.

Practices wishing to opt out of providing vaccination to cohorts 10-12 will also need to confirm this via Citizen Space.  

Please contact vijaya.ravindran@nhs.netsarah.soan@nhs.net or sarah.mcilwaine@nhs.net (or alexander.smith1@nhs.net on Friday with any queries.

Best wishes

Sarah Mcilwaine

(she/ her)

Director of Primary Care

North Central London CCG


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