NCL GP Telederm Response Quality Survey

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Closes 7 Oct 2022


1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
3. Which borough do you work in?
4. Which practice do you work in?
5. Which Trust do you mostly send your TELEDERMATOLOGY referrals to?
6. How helpful do you find the response from this Trust? (Scale 1-5)
7. Please elaborate what you found helpful, or what you found wasn’t helpful.
8. How often your referral gets response which is asking you for better or more images/information?
9. What was the main reason for referral being sent back?
10. Do you agree with reasons for which your referrals are sent back, most of the times?
11. When the referral comes back with a management plan- Was the management plan clear?
12. When the referral comes back with a management plan- Was it appropriate for GP to manage the patient according to that plan?
13. In the last 3 months, what is the average response time between you submitting your telederm referral and receiving a response?
14. Do you mainly seek dermatology advice through Telederm referrals by eRS, Consultant Connect A&G, or both depending on the inquiry?
15. Without taking into account of the response time, which service provides more helpful response Telederm or Consultant Connect or Similar? Please elaborate why they were more helpful.
16. What Skin conditions you find more helpful to seek advice via Consultant Connect?
17. Which members of the primary care team currently take photographs of skin?
18. Are these of inflammatory conditions, lesions or both?
19. Do they also take Dermoscopic images?