NCL Covid-19 vaccination registration

Closed 30 Sep 2021

Opened 18 Jun 2021


COVID-19 vaccines are being offered to people aged 18 and over in England.

Registering with a local GP is the fastest way to receive a Covid-19 vaccine if you’re over 18. You can find out how to register with a GP here: 

Once you have registered with a GP, you will be able to book via the national booking system. Please note that it may take 48 hours after registration for your details to be recognised by the system. You can access the national booking system here:

If you do not wish to register with a GP, you can attend one of the walk-in clinics in North Central London. You can find details of that here:

If you do not wish to attend a walk-inyou can access a vaccination appointment by filling in the form below.

Once we have your details, we will forward them to a local vaccination site and they will contact you directly.

Please note: we do not have direct access to the booking system and we are dealing with very high numbers of queries. It could take up to two weeks for you to be contacted after submitting your form. Please do not contact us within two weeks of submitting your details unless there is an error that you wish to clarify. 


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