Enfield Integrated Care Partnership’s Mental Health programme of work

Closed 11 Dec 2020

Opened 4 Dec 2020


Dear Members of the Enfield ICP Mental Health T&F Group,

We have identified a long list of potential priorities for the Enfield Integrated Care Partnership’s Mental Health programme of work.

These are made up from a number of priorities across a number of bodies/organisations, which were identified and agreed through in- depth engagement with key stakeholders.

Following discussion at the initial Task and Finish Group meeting on Friday 27 November 2020, we need to identify our top three key priorities to take forward. We would therefore like you to rank these priorities, based on your own perception of their priority, considering the following key factors:

- Alignment with strategic priorities (both national and local)
- Positive impact
- Ease and timeframe for implementation
- Support for cross system, integrated working

Please rank these from highest priority (1) to lowest priority (10)

Many thanks

Peppa Aubyn, Mental Health lead for NCL CCG Enfield Directorate and Assistant Director of Commissioning



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