Mental Health Crisis Services in Camden

Closed 30 Nov 2015

Opened 14 Oct 2015


In 2014, Camden CCG commissioned a review of crisis services currently available to people living in Camden. The detailed review by UCL Partners included conversations with service users and carers, as well as providers. The review has resulted in a number of recommendations and before pursuing any of these, we are asking service users and providers to provide feedback on these recommendations. 

Why your views matter

The six key recommendations come with excellent benefits for service users, but there are of course some challenges that have been identified. Before making a decision on which recommendation, or combination of recommendations, to investigate further, we wanted to gather input from people in Camden that are directly involved in both providing and receiving crisis care. We are hoping to hear from a wide range of stakeholders to make sure the final decision is well thought out, includes input from those it is most likely to have the greatest impact on and ultimately best meets the needs of those who are suffering a mental health crisis.

The attached presentations should give you some context to the recent workshop around crisis services, and also some additional information from UCL Partners about the recommendations.

What happens next

Next steps for this project are to combine all feedback to form a final recommendation, or recommendations. These will then be worked up into a business case which will be taken through Camden CCG's governance process.

Updates on progress will be provided on Camden CCG's website throughout.


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