Living with a long term condition in Camden

Closed 31 Jul 2015

Opened 12 May 2015



Clinical Commissioning Groups, or CCGs, are new organisations created under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

CCGs are independent statutory bodies, governed by members from the GP practices in their area. A CCG has control of a local health care budget and 'buys' local healthcare services on behalf of the population in that area. This includes most hospital services and community-based services like blood testing and physiotherapy.

Camden CCG aims to improve the care for people with long term conditions, particularly through looking at the care they receive in GP practices and how this links to other health and social care services in the community.

This survey aims to evaluate how we're doing against these aims, and to help inform further developments. 


Long term conditions

Long term conditions are those illnesses that cannot be cured but can be managed through medication and/or therapy. They include a broad range of medical issues, for example asthma, diabetes and arthritis.


It will take 5 - 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire. 


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