Supporting Staff Through Change

Closed 25 Nov 2019

Opened 7 Nov 2019


We understand that everyone responds differently to change and that needs and circumstances vary between individuals. Going through change can be a challenging and emotive time, however, with the right support it can lead to positive outcomes for those involved. As part of the HR transition process, the NCL CCGs are committed to putting in place flexible and tailored support to meet the needs of our staff.

To date, the following support has been put in place for staff to access during the change programme:

  • dedicated CCG intranet page outlining the support available to staff during the change programme
  • regular updates to staff via fortnightly staff briefings and weekly newsletters
  • a dedicated email address for staff to submit questions on the change programme
  • regularly updated FAQs
  • fortnightly HR drop-in sessions on each CCG site
  • wellbeing support via the Employee Assistance Programme
  • workshops to support staff through organisational change and build resilience
  • lunch and learn sessions on new ways of working
  • we are also committed to providing career transition support for staff in scope during each wave of the change programme.

We would like to hear your views on the support that we have put in place.

All staff are encouraged to complete the following short survey so that we can determine the support that is working well, understand things we can do differently and identify any additional areas of support that will be useful and important for staff as we progress through the change programme.  All responses to the survey will be submitted anonymously and will help the HR transition team work closely with staff side representatives to ensure the support we are putting in place meets the needs of staff.


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