Family Practice & Partnership Primary Care Centre

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Closes 1 Feb 2022


1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
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3. Do you support this proposal?
4. Do you have any concerns with the distance of Partnership Primary Care Centre from The Family Practice?
5. Will the relocation of The Family Practice impact your travel to the new surgery?
6. Do you have any concerns about seeing your preferred GP or other clinician?
7. Do you have any concerns about any changes in the quality of services provided?
8. Do you have any concerns with the pooled patient population once The Family Practice has relocated?
9. Do you have any concerns regarding potential waiting times to get an appointment?
10. What comments do you have on the proposed merger?
11. Are you a patient or carer?
12. What is your gender?
13. Do you consider yourself to be disabled?
14. What is your ethnic group?
15. What is your age bracket?