Termination of pregnancy survey - patients

Closed 31 Jul 2017

Opened 16 Jun 2017


Termination of pregnancy is another way of saying abortion. We mean the medical process of ending an unwanted pregnancy. This can be done by either taking medication (a pill) or having a minor surgical procedure.

It's very common. In the UK, one in three women will choose to have a termination in their lifetime. This service is provided by the NHS, which supports the right to choose.

At the moment, people who want a termination ring the central booking service and then discuss the options with a healthcare professional. If you decide to have a termination, then you will be referred to Marie Stopes or BPAS. This is all confidential.

Why are we doing this survey?

We want to understand your experience of using termination of pregnancy services. We will use your feedback to make sure that the services we develop in the future meet the needs of everyone in Camden.

Tell us what you think

We want your feedback on the services that are currently available, as well as your views on how they could be improved in future. In particular, we want to hear what you think are the most important factors that contribute to patients having a good experience of this service.

If you would like to give your feedback in person or over the phone, please email engagement@camdenccg.nhs.uk call 020 3688 1755 to arrange a time.

Services currently available:

Currently, if you want to access termination of pregnancy services in Camden, you can go to:

You can self-refer by calling 0345 300 8090, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some people may be referred by their GP, or from a sexual health (GUM) clinic.

All NHS services support a woman's right to choose. It's important that you feel well supported through this process.



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