CPPEG Induction

Closed 27 Apr 2018

Opened 17 Apr 2018


Dear Colleagues,

It is custom for new CPPEG members to have a corporate induction and this is also applicable even if it is your 2nd term.

Some of the issues that the induction will cover are as follows:

  • Ice Breaker
  • The commissioning cycle / business planning cycle
  • Patient right to be involved, the law, and why engagement is important (group exercise)
  • What does the Communications and Engagement team do?
  • Snapshot of engagement in Camden, and who’s who
  • Role description, Code of Conduct, Honorary Volunteer Contracts, Buddies

I would appreciate if you could confirm your available around the following dates/times (the induction would be around 2.5 hrs).

With Kind Regards

Martin Emery

Camden Clinical Commissioning Group


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