Covid-19 Supporting NCL CCG Staff

Closed 10 May 2020

Opened 27 Apr 2020


All our staff continue to respond magnificently to the Covid-19 pandemic as the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak continues. We are incredibly grateful for all the hard work, commitment and magnificent efforts our staff have demonstrated on the Covid-19 response.

We understand that everyone responds differently to the current circumstances and that needs and support requirements for staff working from home will vary between individuals. The CCG is committed to putting in place flexible and tailored help where we can to support the health and wellbeing, communication and the working arrangements of our staff during this critical time.

In addition to the current support on staff health and wellbeing initiatives and communication mechanisms implemented to support our colleagues during the Covid-19 outbreak, we have developed a short survey to hear staff views, comments and any additional support requirements we can offer during this unprecedented time. This will help the Executive Management Team determine the areas that are working well, understanding things we can do differently and identify potential additional support that could be implemented to assist our staff working from home. All responses to the survey will be received anonymously and will help the HR team work closely with the Executive Team and staff side representatives to ensure the needs of our staff are being met.

Please take a few moments to complete and submit this important short questionnaire.

Frances O’Callaghan

NCL CCG Accountable Officer


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